Free Swarm Removal

Unfortunately, given the current Varroa mite situation, we need to take a break from swarm removal. 

Give Greg a call on 0429 577 333 with any questions. 

Swarming is the natural way that bees multiply. At this stage they are in transit to a more permanent home and are usually quite docile and easy to deal with. 

If things have progressed and the bees have set up home in your wall or roof, there isn't going to be as much urgency but the removal can be more difficult and may require some expense as these removals often involve building repairs once access has been created to facilitate the removal. Don't call a pest controller to exterminate the bees for two very important reasons: 

  1. We want to save the bees and re-home them
  2. Once the bees are killed hive pests such as hive beetle and wax moth will move in to the remaining cone and the whole hive turns into a disgusting, foul smelling gunge that beekeepers call 'a slime out'. This 'slime' oozes into your wall or ceiling and can leave you with a far bigger problem that you originally had. 

Greg happens to be both a beekeeper and a (retired) licensed builder, with the experience and equipment to deal with these problems. Greg can provide a one stop service to remove the bees and repair any resulting damage. 

Once again, give Greg a call on 0429 577 333.