Our Pick up / Honesty Boxes

We allow customers the option of picking up their orders from our pick up / honesty boxes at 7 Crestwood Avenue and 2 Goodlands Avenue. This is great for small orders from locals, where the order value doesn't meet our minimum value threshold for free delivery. 

Handling cash is complicated and council regulations don't permit the sale of goods from residential homes, so these boxes are only for pickupAll ordering and payment must be done online in advance. 

We cannot agree to specified pick up times (it would be a logistical nightmare and we have day jobs and three kids). If you select 'pick up' for your order we'll send you an email notification when your order is available in the pick up box you selected. Please don't place an order and then show up at our front door. We need time to pack the orders. 

Goodlands Avenue

Goodlands Honesty Box

Crestwood Avenue