Eating from your garden

by Ada Riddle

The garden is one place to be, the kitchen another, however with the right planning and a bit of effort you can bring the kitchen and garden together. 

By growing food in your garden not only do you save money but it's also fantastic to be able to tell your friends that you grew this wonderful produce . 

Plants like carrots and tomatoes are a good start on your garden to kitchen journey but getting all the elements right can be a big challenge.

So, here are some tips to help you get the best of your garden on the plate.

  1. Location is key. Most vegetable plants do best in full sun. 
  2. It's all about the soil. The best soil suitable for vegetables includes lots of compost and organic matter such as composted leaves and ground or shredded, aged bark.
  3. Water wisely. 
  4. Use Mulch. 
  5. Be patient and persistent when it comes to pest control.
  6. Don't over fertilize.

Enjoy !

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